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Outlook 2003 rules and IMAP

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Outlook 2003 rules and IMAP
Good morning all!

I have just migrated an end user who we will call "Flav" from Netscape 7.1 to Outlook 2003. I worked extensively with her to set up rules to filter spam. She (and I) am wondering if there is a way to run the rules automatically. Before you respond with it can't be done, I should disclose the following:
I have another end user who we will call Bridget that is also using Outlook 2003 with IMAP and she too has configured rules to filter spam. They DO run automatically everytime she receives spam. Flav has to run rules manually while Bridget does not.

I have checked the KB on the MS site and was only able to find information on how to set up rules. So, I thought that perhaps they can be run by creating a macro in Outlook. Well, that can't be done. I downloaded the DOM for Outlook macros...Nope..nuthin...zero...I am at the point where I may just back up her Outlook and perform an uninstall/re-install of Office 2003.


P.S. - Q. Do you know how difficlut it is to migrate someone from Netscape to Outlook??
Netscape 7.x to Netscape 4.x to outlook Express to Outlook