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Oracle 8i installation on a Pentium 4 machine

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Oracle 8i installation on a Pentium 4 machine
I seem to be having trouble installing oracle 8i on my pentium 4 (1.7 GHz) machine. I've already installed SP4 and even tried sp6 and 6a to no avail. The oracle installation just won't push through. It aborts abnormally. What do I have to do??? Somebody please help me. I'd appreciate any help I can get. Thanks.
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Re: [two_pair13] Oracle 8i installation on a Pentium 4 machine In reply to
Hello 2 pair 13,

I have done this before and I am sorry I did not keep notes, as it was not for real use.

Oracle 8i uses Java for install, if I remember last time I installed this.

I guess by the SP.. mentioned you are trying to install on Windows NT Version ???

Are you trying to install the Oracle 8i Personal version or version ??

I think I remember having to install Sun Java for the install to complete.

MS Java is not the same as Sun Java , MS & Sun have had lawsuits about this.

You may try to install Sun Java from Sun.com . See Oracle.com for the Java version needed for install.


Due to the differences and changes Sun Java MAY due to NT Registry entries :

Uninstall of Sun Java back to NT Java May require a FULL NT reinstall.

DO NOT INSTALL SUN JAVA ON A PRODUCTION SERVER , and/or wish to uninstall Sun Java without reinstalling NT.

Hope this helps

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Re: [cornball] Oracle 8i installation on a Pentium 4 machine In reply to
I had the same problem on Pentium 4 machine. I found the following solution and also posted it on www.orafaq.net.

The Oracle installation is now Java based. Oracle 8.1.7 comes with JRE 1.1.7 which is not supported on Intel P4. There is a new version of JRE 1.1.8 available from SUN. Which can be downloaded fron java.sun.com.


Now follow these steps:
1. Install JRE 118 (consider installation folder as C:\Program Files\JRE118)
2. Copy Oracle installation to some folder e.g. C:\OraInst
3. Copy "bin" and "lib" folders from
"C:\Program Files\JRE118" to
4. Now run the setup.

It will run perfectly.