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Mozilla Firebird 0.7

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Mozilla Firebird 0.7
Just wanted to see how many people have started using Mozilla Firebird? I downloaded it last week and it is quite impressive...much lighter than other browsers, like Netscape, and of course, IE...Pages load a lot quicker using Firebird and it seems to be more secure than IE and Netscape, and even earlier iterations of Mozilla....

Check it out at:


Some annoying things about it are:

1) Lack of Flash in the initial installation

- you have to download a plugin

2) Doesn't support MVM (Microsoft Virtual Machine Java), you have to use Sun Java (which BTW has been upgraded to version 1.4.2_02, for those interested)

3) Also, by default, the security options like saving passwords is set high so all passwords, cookies, etc. are all saved as default.

Anyway, like to hear what other people think of it?
Buh Bye!

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Re: [Stealth] Mozilla Firebird 0.7 In reply to
I love it. I just switched to it from Galeon (my Windows machine is only used for gaming Wink). Galeon's a lightweight browser that uses the Gecko rendering engine as well, so speed wise it's about the same as Firebird (Firebird might be a tad bit faster). Reasons why I switched:

1) I liked Galeon 1.2.xx series features, they stopped development on it and the 1.3.xx series was a rewrite, and was missing many old features they didn't think were important anymore.

2) Firebird doesn't have all the features that Galeon has, but that's solved with the extensions. I just love the ability to add features in by just installing (or writing your own) extensions. Extensions I've got installed:
- Web Developer (a toolbar full of useful tools for webdevelopers)
- mozex (let's you use external programs to view source, mail, etc)
- Javascript Console Status (an icon shows up when there's a javascript error)
- Tabbrowser Extensions (gives you many more options for tabs)
- Live HTTP Headers (view http headers as they're sent/recv'ed)
- Flash Click to View (only displays flash after you click on them)

3) I don't like wasting toolbar space, so I like how you can put items in the menu toolbar

There's a few things I've found annoying with Firebird, but some of them can be solved with extensions (just need to figure out how to write them).

About your annoyances:
1) IE doesn't come with flash either IIRC.
2) Who wants to use MVM anyways Tongue
3) That's just a personal preference you can change easily

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Re: [Stealth] Mozilla Firebird 0.7 In reply to
I've been using Firebird for months. It's great.

Ever since I switched, I don't think I've opened IE more than a handful of times.