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Microsoft Excel question.

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Microsoft Excel question.

I need to find/make a program that will allow me to delete specific cells from hundreds of excel files. I.e. delete cells (make them blank).

m10, n10, m50, n50, l250 and u46 from 800 excel files.

I've searched for search and replace programs and there is a few ones out there that don't really work. I.e. I can search for "hello world" and have it replaced with "something", but only in the entire spread sheet, or one cell at a time. I want to do all the cells I want to delete in all the files at one go.

Your help would be greatly appreciated!

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Re: [Michael_Bray] Microsoft Excel question. In reply to
Hi Mike,

If the files are stored on Windows machine, you should create a VB or .Net program to do that. That will be seasy to use

If they are on linux, I think we use perl and extended modules like Spreadsheet::WriteExcel/Spreadsheet::ReadExcel to modify these files

Hope that helps!



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