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Mandrake - Getting internet to work? :/

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Mandrake - Getting internet to work? :/
Hi guys. Anyone here got much experience with Mandrake and Internet connections?

Basically, I've install Mandrake 10.0 (from their site) onto my other computer.

"ping" works fine, as does any command via "command prompt" ...ie.;

wget http://www.ultranerds.com

...grabs index.html, with the correct HTML code.

However, when I try to do this through Konqueror , all it does is say;

An error occured while loading http://www.ultranerds.com/

Timeout on server
Connection was to www.ultranerds.com at port 80

So ... in short, SSH/Telnet works fine (going out+in) , but anything that goes through a browser, doesn't seem to work :/

BTW .. It *was* working (I installed khtml2png)... and then it seemed to stop working. Is there a "rollback" I could try?

BBTW: I've also tried rebooting ... quite a few times :(


Andy (mod)
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