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Links importing tool for MS Windows

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Links importing tool for MS Windows
Heya all!

I've just cut a minute to stop by Gossamer Threads forums and let you guys know that I've just finished working on another project of mine. Links Wizard is yet another web development tool that I needed so much but couldnt find anywhere, so there it was born. 90% of the features was suggested to me by other web developers. If you guys feel that there's a feature missing, the please let me know. Feel free to download, and test things out:


You can import thousands of relevant links with titles, descriptions, and contact emails into your Gossamer Links directory with just few clicks.

Quick list of features:
* Almost 100,000 of URLs can be processed within 24 hour period!
* Links Wizard fetches an average of 100 links per minute on Pentium 4 3Ghz with 512 RAM on ADSL connection. An overal performance is determined by the speed you're connecting to the web sites.
* Browse to the page you desire to manage links at.
* Easy to use navigation and feature understanding.
* Supports ANY language! This is a pure WYSIWYG application.
* Fetch all links and URLs from any desired page.
* Save URLs from any page to an ASCII file for later use.
* Filter out unwanted URLs with Regular Expressions and plain text matching.
* Advanced configuration that makes Links Wizard as flexible as possible to fit your needs.
* Collects page titles and descriptions from URLs. If no title or description found, then any desired text can be used.
* Fetch email addresses from all URLs. If there's no email address found, then a preset suggestions can be used.
* Convert text capitalization to "Proper Case", "lower case", and "UPPER CASE".
* Use of Regular Expressions to search and replace any text.
* Filter out links that contain unwanted words, or simply replace or delete these words.
* A preset databases of bad words and URLs that usually are not publically accepted.
* Bad words and bad URLs databases are in plain ASCII, and could be imported/exported any way you like.
* Recip link checking with Regular Expression gives you an ability to check web sites for a link back to your site. This option can also be used to collect data only from links that contan that specific text.
* Ability to filter out URLs based on binary or text output.
* Advanced usage of Server Status Codes allows you to check URLs for broken links, server errors, access denied errors, and find protected URLs!
* Save your results to an ASCII database file that can be imported to any other program, database, or to PHP, PERL, and ASP scripts on your web site.
* Set which delimeter should be used to split the fields.
* Run a quick test of your configuration on any desired URL.
* Ability to stop the engine process at any time to correct configuration.
* Manage and edit the output data in an Excel-like enviroment with flexible grids.
* Export your output data to Microsoft Excel for more advanced management.
* Links Wizard can run on top or behind of other programs on your desktop.
* Hundreds of other processes inside the engine are not listed here.
* New features are being constantly added to the Links Wizard. If you feel that an important feature is missing, the please post your suggestions in the forums. All suggestions are carefully reviewed, and most valuable will be added ASAP.

The final output screen shot:

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Re: [pgolovko] Links importing tool for MS Windows In reply to
Is this a functioning spider?

... or is there some significance that the only message in the forums on the software website was dated 1 April?
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Re: [Alba] Links importing tool for MS Windows In reply to

Links Wizard is a fully functional spider. It was in a development stage for one month:

Why dont you download Links Wizard demo version, test things out, and let me know what you think Wink
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Re: [pgolovko] Links importing tool for MS Windows In reply to
Here's what I suggest:
Make it follow robots.txt rules if it doesn't already. People get really upset when they see a robot crawling their site and ignoring their rules. I got a diagnostic bot banned from several sites that way while I was testing it.


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mkp: Apr 2, 2006, 9:15 PM
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Re: [mkp] Links importing tool for MS Windows In reply to
Interesting. I'd still need to visit each website to get the other info I need but it would reduce the number of 'false visits' and the time spent on them if I used it to remove these links first.

Will it spider DMOZ etc?
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Re: [mkp] Links importing tool for MS Windows In reply to
I guess I missed thes one. I'll add robots.txt checking in the next version. Thank you for suggestion Wink
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Re: [Alba] Links importing tool for MS Windows In reply to
You can remove bad URLs by entering strings that match bad URLs in the Bad URLs database in your configuration. Also, in the tab 2 "Links" you can select multiple URLs from the list, and then right click for the "Remove Selected" menu. You can double click a URL in the "Links" to open it in the "Browse" tab.
Do you think there should be other "smart" filters? Please explain.
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Re: [pgolovko] Links importing tool for MS Windows In reply to
I've just released Links Wizard 2.1 if anyone is interested in updates: http://www.astanda.com