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JavaScript function replaceString()

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JavaScript function replaceString()
I have the following code. It can just replace the first occurrence of a string. I need to replace all the same strings in the text. Could you somebody tell me how to modify the function replaceString() using a loop struction? Thanks a lot in advance for your kind help.

<TITLE>Replacement method</TITLE>
<script language="JavaScript">
function replaceString(regexpression, replaceString){
document.replaceForm.source.value =
(regexpression, replaceString)
<form name=replaceForm>
<textarea cols=45 rows=5 name=source>
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Replace:<input type=text name=toReplace size=10>
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Re: [wei03] JavaScript function replaceString() In reply to
I would assume you can just do a loop so that it will replace the string untill it's no longer found...

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Re: [wei03] JavaScript function replaceString() In reply to
while (document.replaceForm.source.value.indexOf(replaceString) != -1) {