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Improving Applet performance

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Improving Applet performance
A typical form in our application takes 15 seconds to load on most PCs, but usually only 7 seconds on a system with Windows 2000 SP3 + IE 5.5 SP2 . We have measured that half of the 15 seconds is pure client-side execution of Javascript and Java applet with no network traffic to server. Many combinations of Windows and IE service packs have been tried, including the Windows 2000 SP3 + IE 5.5 SP2 combination that was found on the 'fast' system. No noticeable difference in response time was found in the other systems.

Can somebody let us know if the service pack versions of Internet Explorer will have an impact in the performance of Applet? if yes, then please suggest us the version of service pack of Internet explorer that will give the maximum performance.
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Re: [KavithaJ] Improving Applet performance In reply to
Is there any particular reason for using an Applet, and not just plain HTML, with a PHP/Perl script to do the mailing?


Andy (mod)
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Re: [Andy] Improving Applet performance In reply to
Thanks for your response. The application is already developed and We dont have control on the source code of the application. We want to improve the performance of the application without modifying the source code like changing the java plugin version or IE service pack versions etc. Can you please suggest us a way out.
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Re: [KavithaJ] Improving Applet performance In reply to

I'm not sure if a particular service pack will improve performance. I've always noticed a rather large delay the first time the java engine is loaded on every version browser I've used. I think it's just an issue with the time it takes for the jre to load up..


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