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How do i send text to a form in a popup window

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How do i send text to a form in a popup window
What i need to know is as follows.

I have a page called monitors.htm with a list of different monitors. Beside each of the monitors is a order button. When this button is click I want it to open a popup box pointing at the url ordering.htm. In ordering.htm there is a text box called "order", is this text box i want the details of the monitor to appear to save the customer from having to enter the detail themselves. If the window is still open and customer picks another item obvisouly it would add to the order text box. If you know of any good examples or could tell me how that would be great.
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Re: [skiltz] How do i send text to a form in a popup window In reply to
Hello Skiltz,

I am sure this is at least a pizza and 12 beer question.

It can be done with or without javascript or with or without a cgi script at the server.

1. Javascript can be turned off / on [ also popup window killers are popular right now ]

2. Cookies can be turned on/off also.

3. Java , Flash , ASP or simple target=windowName may be a solution ?

So I would consider your target audience before using popup windows as a solution.

Javascript help :

See : http://developer.irt.org/script/form.htm

On this page look for : " Passing Data and other interaction between Fields/Forms/Frames/Windows/Pages "

Hope this helps but your question is not very specific.