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How do "use" DTD with XML?

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How do "use" DTD with XML?
I am soooo new to XML. I understand XML is like HTML; it contains infomation (text etc.). A praser can be used to read XML document, but how do I use the definition file? Do I use it with the praser?

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Re: [Robbie] How do "use" DTD with XML? In reply to

I've moved thread here as I don't think it is perl related :)

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Paul: Oct 1, 2002, 1:21 AM
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Re: [Robbie] How do "use" DTD with XML? In reply to
I'm pretty new to XML myself, but basically a DTD is a "Document Type Definition", which defines data storage and description protocols and parameters for a particular implementation of XML. In other words, it tells you how to read a given XML document, and it tells a parser how to parse it (more or less).

Here's a decent link that might be useful getting you started:


Hope that helps.

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Re: [Robbie] How do "use" DTD with XML? In reply to
For reading XML, I use XML::Simple.....its a nice little tool...which I use for my SearchFeed_Results plugin (for Links SQL)...may wanna have a look at that Perl Module Smile

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Re: [Robbie] How do "use" DTD with XML? In reply to
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Re: [Watts] How do "use" DTD with XML? In reply to
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