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Great Email Checker - G-Lock SpamCombat

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Great Email Checker - G-Lock SpamCombat
Hi All

I happen to like using email checkers. With these, you can see what's on the mail server without having to download the stuff. You can then look through the list, delete the negative stuff, and then download the rest.

I much prefer screening the mail remotely than locally.

Anyway, I recently found a super email checker. It works with pop accounts (don't know if it works with others), but what's neat is that it uses DNSBL filter, Bayesian filter, and other stuff to rank or sort the waiting mail first. Once it generates the list, you can quickly skim down the list to zap things, convert them from bad to good, and other things. It's not just a preview system.

It's called G-Lock SpamCombat, and you can find it here:


So far (knock wood), it has worked well. It has not deleted mail not intended for deletion, and it has made zipping through the lists much more efficient.

Frankly, all email programs (Eudora, etc...) should have such a preview system. This helps you to zap the bad-guy stuff before it ever reaches your machine. I know that Pegasus has a preview feature (but it's not coupled with any filtering or sorting as far as I know).

I've been using SpamCombat everyday for a while now, and I love it.

Oh, did I mention that it's totally free, too??? Smile

Cheerio Smile

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Re: [DogTags] Great Email Checker - G-Lock SpamCombat In reply to
I prefer MailWasher Pro via FireTrust:


While it's not free, it's a real cool program that also has a shared SPAM database besides the well known ones that is used to add further SPAM detection of messages.
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