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Drop Down Menus

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Drop Down Menus
I have set up a page that has three drop down menus in it. These are dynamically populated from a mysql database, the idea being that the user can make a selection from each and in effect search the database. The drop downs are for area, towns and zip codes/post codes.

However my results page just prints out their selections, it doesn't search the database..

I'm new to php but cannot find any code/tutorial anywhere that shows how to create dynamic multiple dropdowns and then produce a proper results page with links to the relevant entry in the database.

I don't think it can be that hard if I've got this far, but I'm now stuck!

You can see the page here http://www.stevesims.com/menutest8.php , I can also post the code if needed - hopefully someone out there will have a ready made solution, as my head is about to fall off!
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Re: [steve55] Drop Down Menus In reply to
This a Links SQL specific question, or PHP related?


Andy (mod)
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Re: [steve55] Drop Down Menus In reply to
This isn't a forum for general php questions, it is for Links SQL, which you don't appear to be using. I've already moved one of your threads, please read the forum descriptions before posting.

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