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Display "Lock" Image Only If Browser in SSL

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Display "Lock" Image Only If Browser in SSL
Hi All

Would there be a way to call image A if the page is SSL but call image B if the page is not SSL?

It might be nice to display a "lock" image on a shopping page, but only when https:// is working. Otherwise, some non-secure image is called.

Many thanks Smile

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Re: [DogTags] Display "Lock" Image Only If Browser in SSL In reply to
Hi DogTags,

I think I've got a solution for you. In my DBMan SQL version, I've set up a global that determines the protocol. And then, I've put a conditional statement in the header template (so that the right image will be loaded). Please have a look at the following thread:


Let me know if you need this solution for a specific Gossamer product (I guess it should work for Links SQL, too).

Hope this helps,