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Credit Card encryption in email

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Credit Card encryption in email
I'm looking for ideas for encrypting credit card details in e-mails from an e-commerce application. I have some clients that process CCs manually on a terminal in their shop and need the CC info in a confirmation e-mail. I'm looking at GPG but I'd like to know what others may be using or have heard of.

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Re: [Chaz] Credit Card encryption in email In reply to
My experience has been that PGP costs bucks ($$$) and GPG is free but a little buggy and not exactly end-user friendly. (kinda 'you get what you pay for' thing).

However if you go the GPG route, it does integrate with Eudora which is also free.

You'll definitely need to do some reading on the subject.

There are some good tutorials available too.

Also check out this post:


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Watts: Oct 8, 2004, 12:13 PM
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Re: [Watts] Credit Card encryption in email In reply to
Thanks for the info, Watts. I think GPG is going to be my best bet. My biggest concern is how comfortable end users are with setting it up and mail client support. Both don't look too promising. It most definitely isn't user friendly. The links look promising however.