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Convert DVDs to play on iPod?

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Convert DVDs to play on iPod?
Is there an easy way to get your DVD movies onto an iPod? I Googled up a few tutorials that walk you through this but they all require more steps than I feel like doing. I also found several apps that do this for you but nothing that will let me try before you buy without some glitch (watermark, user intervention to continue, etc.)

How do you do it?

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Re: [Chaz] Convert DVDs to play on iPod? In reply to
I got it sorted. Nero Recode[1] along with DVD Decrypter and/or DVD shrink works like a charm without too much fuss. With Shrink, you can also get rid of all the extra junk and just send the movie over to the iPod.


[1] http://ww2.nero.com/enu/