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Convert .rtf or .doc to regular .html

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Convert .rtf or .doc to regular .html
Is there a way to convert .rtf or .doc files to regular/standard html 4.0 without it being coverted to M$'s html formatting? When I save a word doc as a .html, it's just too big, if I can use standard .html, it will save on the size of the docs....

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Re: [Dinky] Convert .rtf or .doc to regular .html In reply to
Are you trying to do this automatically, or just manually? (i.e only a one off job)


Andy (mod)
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Re: [Andy] Convert .rtf or .doc to regular .html In reply to
Good morning/evening Andy...
Actually, just found a program called R2Net from Logictran that does an outstanding coversion. It does one doc at a time which is sufficient for my needs. Just converted about 200 docs to html using the 3.2 html standard (and no M$ html formatting :))!!
Can be found here http://www.logictran.net

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