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Chinese & Java

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Chinese & Java
Anyone have an idea with java and Chinese Big5

I have a page that has Chinese text on it that works fine however when I use Java on the page I cant get the Chinese text to show, it shows in gobbledy gooch.

Java is reading a file and displaying it on screen, normal text shows fine from the file but not the Chinese, anyone have in idea as to what I can do to get the java read out as Chinese text.

Cheers in advance for any time

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Re: [Syte] Chinese & Java In reply to
Have you tried setting the content-type to BIG5? Not quite sure exactly if you would need to put this in the Java class, or in the HTML ... but its always a good idea to put it in your main header, as lots of older browsers will just show foreign charachters as "garbage".

Hope that helps.


Andy (mod)
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