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I just checked my project into the CVSROOT at sourceforge and it updated all the revisions to when they were supposed to be 1.0.0

Does anyone know of a way I can update them all?

I've tried:

cvs -d:ext:user@cvs.project.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/project commit -r 1.0.0

But it just tells me it can't find branch point 1.0

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Paul: Aug 26, 2002, 7:30 AM
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Re: [Paul] CVS In reply to
Actually I want to remove the whole thing. I've never known anything be such a pain in the arse to remove.

They must be an easy way?
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Re: [Paul] CVS In reply to
That's ok. The is correct, that's how cvs numbers the files when you first check them in.

It's very important to realize the distinction between the cvs revsion number, and YOUR products version number.

What you would do is, when you have your 1.0.0 version ready for 'shipment', you would create a cvs tag of 1.0.0 so people could easily get the correct versions of your files if they want the 1.0.0 release.

Completely ignore what cvs version the files at...it has nothing to do with your release.

For instance, if you have 2 files in your distro, foo.pl and bar.pl, and you make an emergency bug fix to bar.pl, when you check it in it's rev num will be 1.2. Now foo.pl and bar.pl have different revision numbers. But that doesn't matter...that's so you can control the individual files.

Do that a few times to different files and your rev nums are all different. No matter...when you're ready to release you tag as 1.0.0.

THAT is the important one :)

$ cd /your/project/top/directory
$ cvs tag RELEASE_1_0_0

Now, say months/years later you move on to 1.5.7 release, but someone comes along and decides they still want v1.0.0:

cvs co -r RELEASE_1_0_0 modulename

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Re: [Mark Badolato] CVS In reply to
Thanks for the explanation. Is there an easy way to erase everything and import again as I accidentally imported the project within itself so now I have:



After reading the docs it seems that there is no easy way to do it?
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Re: [Paul] CVS In reply to
Alas, that is one of the banes of cvs. Removing things in a pain in the ass. I've been able to remove files before, but it isn't easy or optimal.... and there are issues with the attic rtaining the names

best bet is to either get into the attic and delete them all then re-imprt, or just import as a new project name

someone else may know a better way... my cvs-fu is limited in that respect
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Re: [Mark Badolato] CVS In reply to
I may get someone at SF to nuke it for me. I used a crappy directory name first time anyway so re-importing will probably be the best way to go.

Thanks again.