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Browse Directory Tag?

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Browse Directory Tag?
From a web page I can do <INPUT TYPE="file"> but that wants me to select a particular file. Does anybody have a method of selecting/browsing a directory only? I want to be able to indicate a "path" in a input form C:\my documents, etc so my user can type in the path and/or select the path from a "browse" type of button. I'm open to just about any solution (PHP, JS, HTML, SSI, etc.).

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Re: [Watts] Browse Directory Tag? In reply to
I did something similar for an image manager script using the dTree[1] JavaScript API. I put a link next to a text form field that opened a pop-up window with dTree listing the directory structure. When you click on a folder it updates the text field and closes the pop-up.

[update]Just to be a bit more thorough: I used a perl script with File::Find to biuld the directory structure for the dTree API.[/update]


[1] http://www.destroydrop.com/javascripts/tree/

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Chaz: Feb 17, 2006, 1:38 PM
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Re: [Chaz] Browse Directory Tag? In reply to
Thanks for the link. I'll give it a try...