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$HTTP_GET_VARS not working

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$HTTP_GET_VARS not working

i'm writing php pages hosted on Apache on a WindowsXP server.
i'm a bit stumped, i've just upgraded to Apache2 and PHP 5.0.3 (so global variables are off)
i have a few sites on the box and one of them objects to the use of $HTTP_GET_VARS but if i use $_GET it works perfectly. (the others have no problem with $HTTP_GET_VARS)

why would that happen? any ideas?

the error i get is:
Notice: Undefined variable: HTTP_GET_VARS in line .....

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Re: [vauneen] $HTTP_GET_VARS not working In reply to
according to PHP.net, for security reasons register_globals is off by default as of 4.2.0, which means you can't use $HTTP_GET_VARS without changing this setting. You SHOULD be using _GET anyway.


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Re: [fuzzy logic] $HTTP_GET_VARS not working In reply to
yes, i was actually wondering why 2 sites on the same server would act so differently.
one (more than one actually) allows me to use $HTTP_GET_VARS and the other doesnt.

thanks for your response though.
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Re: [vauneen] $HTTP_GET_VARS not working In reply to
Also, if you have register_globals turned off, then you will need to global'ise it. i.e;

global $HTTP_GET_VARS;


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