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using MAx(right(column_nma, X)

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using MAx(right(column_nma, X)
Hi all,

I am trying to run the below query on Access with a linked Oracle table

select max(right(sequence,6)) from user_transactions

It runs perfect using access table but when i used oracle tables linked in Access. I have the following error

ODBC failed

This is the original query but i have simplified where it really fails. The right and max by itself works great

Select waste_type, category, quantity, unit,
timestamp, login from w_transactions where waste_type='Food Waste' and category = 'Ordinary Solid Waste / Municipal
Waste' and waste_no is null and left(login,6) = (select left(sequence,6) from user_transactions where sequence like
(select '*'&max(right(sequence,6)) from user_transactions)

Please help.. how could make my query work