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remote access oracle

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remote access oracle
I don't know if it is ok if I ask a question regarding to oracle database here. But I am desperate....

I need to write a CGI script to access oracle database located on another machine named kitten. The machine (named bob) on which the script resides also has oracle(8.0.4) installed. Since the administrator is relunctant to install a DBI::ProxyServer for me, he opened the firewall at port 1521 for oracle.

According the information I gathered in these few days, I guess I need SQL*Net installed on the client machine, and the tnsnames.ora needs to be changed to add the entry for kitten. And maybe listener.ora too?

But the administrator of bob says that no files need to be changed in order to access oracle on kitten. So now I am very confused, is there any other way(hopefully simpler?)

Also, what should $oracle_home be set to on bob? Should it set to the directory of the local oracle or the directory of oracle on kitten?

Please help me! Thank you very much.