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help with SQL statement

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help with SQL statement
Given the following table, what's the SQL statement to find how many more units a student needs to take in each category?
(SSN is the student's ID #, MIN_UNITS is the minimum units required for the corresponding category.
The table COURSE shows all the courses the student has taken already)


134 11 4 art 30 elective 40
134 15 4 music 34 elective 24
134 25 2 art 55 general 24
134 17 4 art 35 elective 24

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Wil: May 26, 2003, 11:00 AM
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Your messages have moved to 'Databases and SQL' forum. Please post your questions to the right forum, so people will be able to help you.


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Re: [KJones] help with SQL statement In reply to
One of your problems might be that that's a confusing table. If MIN_UNITS applies to the minimum units for a given CATEGORY, then how can row one have "elective 40" and the next have "elective 24"? Which MIN_UNITS is valid?

It seems like the first task is to normalize the tables a bit more. Or, I may just be confused by your question.