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help in Excel

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help in Excel
Hi, Im new to this forum but I have a problem and I was hoping that there may be someone who can help me. I've got some work set for me as below and the main problem for me is that I do not know where to start or how to set it out. If any one can help with the slightest bit of help it would be very much appreciated.

Basically I have a taxi company.

The problem specification is that this taxi company only deals with taxis as they are needed, they do not deal with advanced bookings.

They have 10 cars which would hold 3 people -cars are numbered 1-10, 6 black cabs which would hold 5 passengers - black cabs are numbered 11-16, and 4 people carriers which would hold 7 passengers - people carriers are numbered 17 to 20.

They only provide taxis from 7am til 2am the next morning. For simplicity, you can assume that the average length of time a journey takes is always a multiple of 30 minutes, that this can be estimated accurately at the start of a journey, and that the journey starts at the beginning of a 30 minute time slot.

The cost is as follows:

3 passengers 5 psngrs 7 psngrs
7am to 5pm 3.00 5.00 7.00
5pm to 11pm 5.00 9.00 13.00
11pm to 2am 10.00 18.00 26.00

The requirement is to design, develop and test an Excel model for the taxi firm. The company need: -
1. a system to control the current days bookings.
2. a system to show detailed income, and total revenue, for the days bookings.

Firstly, I need to build a spreadsheet model that has a user-friendly front end to navigate through the options.

2 - a facility to book a taxi, storing start time and duration of journey, and personal details of a traveller to include: name, pick up point and destination.

3 - a query to show all taxi availability visually at a given time.

4 - a query to show all journeys for a particular taxi.

and finally, 5 - managements information:
a) to allow queries by traveller's name.
b) to show detailed income by taxi.
c) to show total revenue from all bookings for the current day.

It should include as many of Excel's advanced features such as:
macro linked to comand button,
on-screen help (eg. screen tips)
sorting data,
filtering data,
use of IF function,
use of Pivot Tables,
use of VLOOKUP function.

I know that this may seem long and a bit of a read but any help as small as it may be would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks all
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Re: [slk_820] help in Excel In reply to
U can use VBA and VB Form to give a User friendly UI