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Wondering what to fill in

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Wondering what to fill in
I got this new ftp program and its the only one i can use because of my isp. but where i put in the users it makes a sql table and says to fill these in for the user name and password.

NOTE: It is important to ensure that your sql statement replaces the //username// and //password// variables with the username and password that your users will be providing. This will enable the FTP server to appropriately assign access to your valid users.

Example SQL statement

Select name, passcode from userlist where name = '//username//' and passcode = '//password//'

i am not sure what any of that is asking. it also says in the program its self "Variables: //username// and //password// replaced with user input"

and that is what i really need to know what to fill in so i can make users. i attached the help file and it has some pictures along with it. the most helpful page would probably be "ODBC SQL Query"

thanks you to anyone that helps me.
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hello anyone?