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Testing globals

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Testing globals
This i have done around 5,6 Mio times in my life (i just found a posting from me here from 2000 :):

Write a global in Komodo (my prefered editor), copy it to an open page with the globals for GT.
Click for sending.
Maybe uploading a template.
Clicking another browser window with click Links > Edit > ID x, scroll down, click for sending.
Click on a third browser window, click for build changed.
Click on a fourth browser window, press F5 for reload.

Start from beginning till the template looks right and the global makes what i want.

So i dream from
- a template that i change on the server (is possible)
- edit the global on the server (be careful, it needs a lot of ''), so i dont like to do it there
- use a dynamic page (how?) that shows my global.

I dont know how many globals i have written and changed and written and changed for hours, days, weeks and month in my life.

But anyway i loved to do it and i still love to do it while i had the idea tonight that no other script in my life has given me so much pleasure and success in my business like LSQL (deep connected with VB). Somehow i should make a cake and a candle and send it to Alex for giving me this wonderful present.

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