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SQL 2000 hangs on install

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SQL 2000 hangs on install

I am attempting to install SQL2000 on my 2000Server box.

I can get it all started going fine, I made all of my selections to configure it on setup, but then it gets to the last(?) page where it has a window that says 'Setup is startign the server and installing your chosen configuration ...'

Then it just hangs, forever Pirate . I even let it go overnight in case my computer was slow and to hope windows might just notice the process Crazy .

Prior to this install, I had just performed a clean instal of the 2kserver OS and applied all the patches (sp4). Then I installed the latest (2.8) MDAC.

so, I stopped the install. then tried another instance of the server install. no luck here either.

a friend of mine tells me I need to actually delete the previous instance of sql before it will write over it when I try another install, so I tried this -- no luck here either.

one problem is, since the installs are hanging and not finishing, the uninstall feature is corrupted. I cant seem to remove them from the add-remove programs list either as it just calls the same uninstall file which seems corrupted.

I also tried installing to a new directory, no luck there either.

Does anyone know what I need to do to get it to complete the install?

thanks in advance for any help,