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Ok, when I say SQL, I pronounce it S Q L but I was speaking to a family friend the other day who was looking for some VB .NET and SQL Server assistance and he pronounced it "sequel".

I'm led to believe that is the correct pronunciation - not only that, it is much easier to say too =)

How do you all pronounce it?

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Paul: Apr 4, 2003, 8:35 AM
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Re: [Paul] Pronunciation In reply to
Sequel seems to be popular among the windows users as I think MS sells it's software pronounced as "MS Sequel Server". However, a quick google turns up:

Jim Melton, editor of the ISO SQL-92 standard, covered this in his book
_Understanding the New SQL_ (Morgan Kaufmann):

"1.2 What is SQL?
SQL (correctly pronounced "ess cue ell," instead of the somewhat common
"sequel"), is a data sublanguage ..."

He also explains 'Structured Query Language' is archaic:
"Many books and article "define" SQL by parenthetically claiming the letters
stand for Structured Query Language. While this was true for the original
prototypes, it is not true of the standard..."

'Structured Query Language' and 'sequel' are pre-cursors to today's SQL
standard, just as SGML is a pre-cursor to XML.


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Re: [Alex] Pronunciation In reply to
Ok so I was pronouncing it correctly - yeh! Wink