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MySQL WinXP install woes

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MySQL WinXP install woes
I'm trying to install MySQL on a windows XP system. I just want to work with it a little on my computer, before I try to upload anything and use it on my website.

The problem is that I'm trying to install it on my D:\ drive. (which is where all of my internet files are). So I found that I need to add a my.cnf file to the installation folder. Which i do. Windows XP then recognizes this file as a "speeddial" file, and gives me no extension after the name. There is another file "my-example" which I also assume is a ".cnf" file extension, but neither of these can I view or edit. When I try to run the file, I don't get anything. So I open up my command prompt, and it doesn't even recognize that mysql folder even exists.

So... trying to run it through a DOS prompt, After I type
"D:\mysql\bin\mysqld" then I try "D:\mysql\bin\mysql -u root",
the message that I get is:

Error 2003: Can't connect to MySQL server on "local host" (10061)

of course, when I try to move to the "D:\mysql" folder in a DOS prompt, it
doesn't even find that it's there. Just says the file/folder is unrecognized.

Hopefully this is specific enough of my problem. I've already edited the .ini
file to show that I'm in the D drive. And I've checked the registry, and the path to mysql is correct. So I have no idea what I'm doing wrong.

Thanks -
Doug Malcore
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Re: [TheDustSettles] MySQL WinXP install woes In reply to
I'm not too sure about the problems you are having. When I installed mysql on XP I just picked my installation directory using the installer (which was E:\) and then let the installer run - that was it.
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Re: [TheDustSettles] MySQL WinXP install woes In reply to
I am having the same problem.

It seems that the MySQL service is not running at all. I tried running the mysqld-nt.exe file from the MySQL/Bin directory but it does nothing. Not even an error message.

I am running MySQL on my tablet, and I had no problems with that. I am guessing there must be something I have installed or running on my desktop that is conflicting with MySQL. I am sure its a similar case with your situation.

I will post again if I find a solution, let me know if you find one first!
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Re: [chekote] MySQL WinXP install woes In reply to
OK Fixed it.

There is a my.ini file in the Windows root directory. That was screwing up my configuration because I had reinstalled MySQL to a different directory than before, and the my.ini wasnt removed.

Just delete the my.ini file (You'll probably want to delete that .cnf file you made aswell because I dont use it, and my installation is not in the default directory).

Run the winmysqladmin.exe file from your MySQL\Bin directory.

When you do that it will ask you for your MySQL password and username. Enter that and it will re-create the my.ini with the correct settings.

On the "start check" tab in winmysqladmin it should say on the last line:

The service was installed and started...................Yes

now you can access it through the mysql executable or phpmyadmin, or whatever administration software you want to use.
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Re: [chekote] MySQL WinXP install woes In reply to
im totally new to mysql, i installed it and mysqlCC. I keep getting this...

ERROR 1045: Access denied for user: 'root@' (Using password: YES)
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Re: [mars] MySQL WinXP install woes In reply to
Means your login is failing =)

Did you create a user during the installation process?

....is that your ip?...try localhost.