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MySQL > Excel using SQL in EXcel's VBA

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MySQL > Excel using SQL in EXcel's VBA
Hello ;

First time to this site , was searching on web for help on a Excel/SQL/MySQL problem I'm having and this site pop'd up in the search. .. So I'm hoping you nice people can help me Wink

I've been experimenting with limited success on using SQL to transfer Data Between access and Excel through ADO. By using VBA in Excel.

I've just installed MySQL server and would like a little help on the Excel VBA code to get these two talking to each other.


MYSQL db name= Resources, Table = Assignments , Field = Owner

How do I :
- Set up an ADO conection using Excel's VBA and download all informtion where the Owner = "John" !

Help much appreciated Thx
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Re: [Nimrod] MySQL > Excel using SQL in EXcel's VBA In reply to

I've moved this to the Databases and SQL forum.

You'll probably want to download the ODBC driver for MySQL:


and then create a odbc data source for your MySQL database. You should then be able to access the data from excel just as you would any odbc data source.


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