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Menu Class

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Menu Class

I'm looking for a "Menu Class" for defining and generating menu's in php/sql.

Does somebody know a very good one?

I browsed true almost all listing on several "script-sites" but didn't find a good script to use a a base for my own. The best till now was http://www.zend.com/...?id=230&single=1 but this class uses the "Display Name" as reference (I prefer an ID), doesn't highlight the selected option (=page) and most important: is impossible to modify yourself (for me at least Pirate)


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Re: [cK] Menu Class In reply to
I don't know if the following tutorial will help or not:


You could probably replace the $start_page array with a dynamic array from your query.
Buh Bye!

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Re: [Stealth] Menu Class In reply to
Cool ! Thanks...