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MaxDB volume failes

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MaxDB volume failes
Hi all,
Does anybody knows when the system creates volume files (DAT_001)? I have running x_server with one database TEST. When i try to make it online (db_online) an error message appears:

knldiag contains:

ERR 146 RTE UNIX change owner with chown(DTA_001,501,500) failed: No such file or directory

the folder exists but there is no such file DTA_001.
i have enough disk space (over 900MB) and the volume size is specified as 80MB.
What the hell do i wrong? :)
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Re: [Simeon] MaxDB volume failes In reply to
i fix the problem! :)
the kernel shared memory was too small.
after this command the database become online!

sysctl -n kernel.shmmax = 104857600