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How to write this SQL query

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How to write this SQL query
Name City IndustryType
Abernathy Construction Willow B
Amalgamated Housing Mernphis B
Manchester Lumber Manchester F
Tri-City Builders Memphis B

Number CustName SalespersonName Amount
100 Abernathy Construction Zenith 560
200 Abernathy Construction Jones 1800
300 Manchester Lumber Abel 480
400 Abernathy Construction Abel 2500
500 Abernathy Construction Murphy 6000
600 Tri-City Builders Abel 700
700 Manchester Lumber Jones 150
800 Abernathy Construction Abel 75000

Name PercentOfQuota Salary
Abel 63 132000
Baker 38 46200
Jones 26 49500
Kobad 27 39600
Murphy 42 55000
Zenith 59 129800

I have got the three tables above.
Would you help me to write a SQL query to show the names and PercentOfQuota of sales people who have an order with all cuatomers.
Thank you very much!

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Wrong forum Wink I've moved your post for you.


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