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Help with my .ADP - SQL

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Help with my .ADP - SQL

We are stuck with a problem since we migrated from ACCESS 2003 to a ADP PROJECT with SQL server.
We have all kind of weird bugs that even the company that did the migration does not understand... So here we are looking somewhere else.

Here is the problem:

Me and my boss work on the same ADP project the boss on the original and me on a copy. After the migration a lot of forms had errors so we tried to correct them.
The problem is that we make all the correction needed (on the original)....everything works fine....then 2 hours later even if the file was not touched ...
When we re-open the file....the corrections are gone.

Even our Sys admin don't get it!...anybody had this problem happen to them?...how could we fix this??

Thank you,


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Re: [letincelle9999] Help with my .ADP - SQL In reply to
What type of changes are you making? What version of SQL are you using? I believe that ADP's store forms in the Access file and not on SQL, query's and tables are all controlled and changed on the SQL server.

Are the changes gone if you open the file 10 minutes later?

Is there any file sync applications setup on your machines?

I have been experimenting with ADP's but haven't placed anything into production. I use Access 2003 as my frontend and SQL 2000 and SQL 2005 as my backend. All of my data is stored on the SQL server and my queries/forms/reports are stored in my Access database. I haven't seen any problems like the one you described at all.