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Exporting to MSSQL?

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Exporting to MSSQL?
I'm a Microsoft SQL Server DBA who's completely new to Gossamar Threads, and have inherited a cgi/web database that uses Gossamar Threads. That's practically the extent of my knowledge about the database :-( I'm not sure how Gossamar Threads works, if there is a backend database or flat files, etc...

We have prior ODBC reporting tools we'd like to hook into this database to pull data out of it.

Any suggestions on where I can get started to unravel this?

I guess I need to figure out
1) how to determine the backend database for this application, and
2) an appropriate ODBC driver I can use for the reporting tool

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Re: [doomdan] Exporting to MSSQL? In reply to

Some more information about your setup:

1. What program are you using? Gossamer Threads is the company name, but we have a variety of products: Links SQL, Gossamer Forum, DBMan SQL, Gossamer Mail, etc. =)

2. How is the program setup now? Is it setup on an existing MS SQL server?


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