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Disabling Fields on Form

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Disabling Fields on Form
Hi there,
I hope everyone is doing well. Here is my question....

I have created a database that calculates T scores for medical purposes based on rankings given for different aspects of the patient's inspection. This is my dilemma: Once the user presses the Calculate Button, I want the fieds where the numbers are entered to be come uneditable for that patient(on the form). This is so that they cannot adjust the bare numbers to adjust the T-scores etc....

I am using Access 2002 SP1

Any clues?
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Re: [zenners] Disabling Fields on Form In reply to
Sounds to me like you'll need to create corresponding bit fields to those columns that you don't want edited after they calculate them.


CalcField1 = 100
CalcFieldEdited = 1

Basically, use a bit (1/0 value) for those corresponding field. As soon as the form is submitted, check the values inputted and calculated, then SET the corresponding trigger field/column to 0, meaning cannot edit.

Then in the calculate form, you'll need to add conditions in your WHERE clause that you use to build the form.
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Re: [Stealth] Disabling Fields on Form In reply to
Thank you very much.:)

I will try that out and if I need any more help, I hope I can borrow your brain for sometime.:)

If anyone else has more suggestions I would like to learn more....