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whats the best thing to do

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whats the best thing to do
my car is a 1:10 scale off road buggy it has recently broke becuse when i try to drive it i can move but wen its starts i dont stop i think there might be something wrong with the servo becuse i have aquired a new moter a 19x3 witch may have burnt it out but i dont no i realy need to no if i should bye a new car or just get it fix after all it is quit old so can someone plz give me some tips on how to fix it if you will help me and i you need to no more about the problem plz email me on


my car looks like this
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Re: [maxpower] whats the best thing to do In reply to
I don't know, but some commas and periods would make understanding your post a little easier on us.

Limecat is not pleased.