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weBest place to sell sites?

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weBest place to sell sites?
Anyone know of a good site to sell a complete site at? The site I'm trying to sell is a clipart directory/search engine. I've tried HTMLForums.com, and also afternic.com, but neither of them we successful. I know that HTMLForums site quite good, as I recently sold Templates.ws via their forum... just not getting much feedback on this one (at least not realistic feedback).

Anyway, if people have sold a similar site via an online tool, could you please let me know where/what it was? Also, if anyones interested in the site/domain, please PM or email me (had to put that it Tongue).

Andy (mod)
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Re: [Andy.] weBest place to sell sites? In reply to
Probably providing the domain name would help ;-)

My advice: Jump in a time machine and reverse 3 years when dot.coms were actually worth something. ;-)

- wil