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safest os ... here are the stats

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safest os ... here are the stats
http://www.internetwk.com/story/INW20021101S0002 interesting article on hacking attacks and which systems are the safest.

57,977 overt attacks and M$ got 54% of them while 31 overt attacks for the mac Smile

ugh, I feel really sorry for the users who don't even realize that they need to condomize their PCs.

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Re: [QooQ] safest os ... here are the stats In reply to
Hm... .5% of all attacks/worms/viruses? That sounds right seeing as how they have about 3% overall marketshare. That's like saying XYZ Linux is inpenetrable because of their 12 users none of them got attacked. If Macs were the prevailing OS, then I'd expect the proportion to be much higher.

Limecat is not pleased.

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fuzzy thoughts: Nov 1, 2002, 12:06 PM
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Re: [fuzzy thoughts] safest os ... here are the stats In reply to
True, True, point taken. Unfamilarity with the system and what not, definity works to Apple's advantage.

But you can't forget that Apple is now the largest distributor of a *nix system Smile
Interesting that IBM has been running Lunix Inside commercials.

OK, I'm going on a bit it seems. Crazy

Here's a thought before I hit "Post Reply" ....

I wonder what the percentages actually work out to be. As in, I know several people who bought PC's and then that machine ends up collecting dust and I bought a used iMac for my wife and she let it collect dust. So, what kind of ratios are we actually talking about?

computer owner : somewhat competent user
computer owner : word + email user
computer owner : expensive pile of worthless computer components

computer user : I use a computer that is in a rectangular box.

I bet if this type of ratio was figured out for each system then it would make more sense than saying Apple has only 3% of the market while Microsoft has 80% (I'm guessing here). You could say Apple has 3% of the market with 80% of it's users are computer competent and Microsoft has 80% of the market with 80% of the users being proficent in email.

hehe, I couldn't help the dig Angelic

Oh well ... Smile

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Re: [QooQ] safest os ... here are the stats In reply to
hehe Wink

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