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retail work sucks

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retail work sucks
As you all know I have this junk job working as a sales clerk in the electronics department of my local WalMart.

So this b***h and her a*****e boyfriend are wanting to by a 50" Philips big screen tv. I went to the backstock room and found we didn't have any, then checked the inventory system and found we had 4 on order. When I got back I informed them of this. They then asked me to call the nearest WalMart to see if they had them, which they didn't. The b***h asked if I would honor another store's price if and when we got the TVs in, which we would. The a*****e said they'd check out another retailer and just get it there if they had it or come back and fill out a raincheck form. That was the last I saw of them.

While I was on my lunchbreak, I was informed those j******s made a complaint about me. Appearently I "failed to offer the phone numbers to all the local WalMarts". Had they asked, I would have sent them to the courtesy desk for assistence as I only have a private store-to-store phone number.

While I'm pissed they made this complaint, I'm relieved to know that these types of silly b******t complaints don't go on our records.

Limecat is not pleased.
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