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laptop LCD back light / inverter dark screen

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laptop LCD back light / inverter dark screen
Hello , I have a dell inspiron 8100 with a back light / inverter / motherboard problem.

I do not own the laptop and the owner does not wish to dell service at $230 + parts
and pay shipping both ways.

history : The screen lighted only on battery power and went out with the AC connected.

Then it went to 2 minutes on battery and went out [ screen is mildly visible and the laptop works
okay with an external monitor. ]

In testing I ran new wires to the ccfl lamp and it was then placed external from the screen.

It worked perfectly on battery [ 1 hour ] and brightened on AC power then went out.
I was amased that it lasted 1 hour as the power was set in the bios and windows to turn off in 5 minutes.

I have no wiring diagram , nor any pinouts for the inverter part # PH-BLC91 for a Hitachi TX38D99VC1CAA sxga+ 15" screen.
[ Dell PN JP-0007KN Rev A01 ]

Does any one have any help for this other than Dell service at $230 + parts +taxes for a 3 year laptop past warranty.



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