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Hello everyone,

I found this web site http://www.caravanmail.net/...liate/affiliate.html while surfing. Can you tell me how credible this site is and whether I can really make money through affiliate programs?


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Re: [vince] Your opinion In reply to
Depending how well the "host" service is known, being an affiliate can be a decent money generator...but you have to be careful in terms of whether you have to invest in the "host" service and what the conditions are for being an affiliate.

BTW: Affiliate programs is a decent method of increasing visibility of your own business if you are interested in increasing revenue and ROI.
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Re: [Stealth] Your opinion In reply to

I notice that most of these offer a once off commission. Nothing more than a glorified banner ad. If anyone has had anything to do with MLM - multi level marketing there are a few concepts that are very similar. There is only one person making the dough - while convincing everyone else they will be a winner and so much to their advantage.

You want to get the best out of affiliate programmes? Want to get the best out of MLM? Or anything for that matter.. Start your own. You have the final say.

There are heaps out there who will take up on any offer. So there is no shortage of takers. Think of an idea, and implement it. That simple.

All the best from Oz..