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Yahoo Weird

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Yahoo Weird
Yahoo seems to be having some search engine issues. I performed a search for "MOD_CTL visual basic" and on the results page it said:

We couldn't find any results for "MOD158." Did you mean MOD_TCL visual basic?

...and the text in the search box changed from MOD_CTL to MOD_TCL

Hmm weird.
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Re: [Paul] Yahoo Weird In reply to
It appears Yahoo's main search now is provided by Google (there is still a link to search Yahoo's directory). If you search for "MOD_CTL visual basic" on Google is says no results found for "MOD_CTL visual basic", and there is a link for "Did you mean MOD_TCL visual basic?". When you click the link it says no results for "MOD_TCL visual basic".

It looks like Yahoo is automatically searching the "Did you mean" result.