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Worst day revisited!!

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Worst day revisited!!
Remember a while back I said was my worst day ever?....I lied.

Yesterday my mum was supposed to be going to the gym at 4pm.....at 4.30pm she hadn't come downstairs so I went to see what she was doing. She was lying in bed saying she felt ill.

She said she' be ok so I went downstairs....about and hour later I heard her go into the bathroom....I thought "uh oh" .....anyway she was sick and went to bed a little bit after that.

So anyway me and my dad went to be a little later and at 3.30am I heard the bathroom door open and my mum came out...seconds later I heard a groan and she'd collapsed and then fallen down the stairs....my dad ran out of his bedroom kinda shouting "oh my god" and I could hear him saying "can you hear me" loads of times....I was _shitting_ my pants but was so shocked that I didn't even get up to help....I just starting shaking and didn't know what to do with myself.

Anyway it turns out she's damaged her spine and we have the emergency doctor coming in a bit I think....


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Paul: Apr 21, 2002, 4:51 AM
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Damn.That is harsh. My mum was in hospital last year, for 3 months. Her small intestine had exploded along an old scar line. She had to have some of it removed, and she almost died 3 times Frown Its amazing how lucky you feel when you/someone you know gets better after such an ordeal as that.

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