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What is Eleven ?

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What is Eleven ?
Number of U.S. nuclear bombs lost in accidents and never recovered: 11

Lakenheath Air Base, Suffolk, England - 1956
On July 27, 1956, A B-47 bomber crashed at Lakenheath Airbase in Suffolk, England. While the bomber carried no nuclear weapons, it hit a concrete nuclear weapons storage bunker known as the "igloo," where three U.S. Mark VI nuclear bombs -- the same type of bomb dropped on Nagasaki -- were stored. In the collision, three of the bombs sustained damage that could have resulted in detonation. In explaining the accident, Gen. James Walsh, commanding officer of the U.S. 7th Air Division in England, sent a brief cable to Gen. Curtis LeMay, commander of the U.S. Strategic Air Command. "Aircraft then exploded, showering burning fuel over all. Crew perished. ... Preliminary exam by bomb disposal officer says a miracle that one Mark Six with exposed detonators sheared didn't go."

Palomares, Spain - 1966
The most serious reported accident in the U.S. Military's nuclear history took place in Palomares, Spain on Jan. 17, 1966 when a B-52 loaded with four nuclear bombs suffered a mid-air collision with a KC-135 refueling plane. All four bombs were ejected from the B-52 in the crash. One was recovered on the ground and a second from the sea after a long and difficult search. However, the high explosive packages of the other two bombs detonated on impact with the ground. While the nuclear payloads of the bombs did not detonate, over 1,400 tons of surrounding soil and vegetation were contaminated with radioactive materials. The US conducted an extensive cleanup of the area under the scrutiny of the Spanish government.
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Re: [cornball] What is Eleven ? In reply to
Maybe it's because I'm tired, but I can't get those numbers to add up to 11 no matter how hard I try! Crazy
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Re: [wysardry] What is Eleven ? In reply to
The Eleven missing do not provide public details.

The two referenced above are public records and are not part of the Eleven missing.

That still means there are Eleven missing and not public.

See also : http://www.window.state.tx.us/...er/ch09/cobalto.html for 6,010 small, silvery pellets.

If the US has lost Eleven , what about the rest of the countries ?

Just a thought.

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Re: [cornball] What is Eleven ? In reply to
Yes what is more scary is what happened to the nuclear warheads that went missing from the Ukraine after the break up of the USSR. http://english.pravda.ru/...002/09/13/36519.html