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Hmm either someone thinks I'm stupid or there is a new virus doing the rounds.

I just got an email from big@boss.com with an attached file named "Sample.pif" ...the email subject contains:

"Here is that sample"

..and the body is:

"Attached file"

I saved the file to disk and it shows the MS-DOS icon and is a shortcut file with size 64kb. It won't let me open it in EditPlus as it says the system can't find the shortcut target.

Oh well.

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Paul: Apr 20, 2003, 6:58 AM
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Re: [Paul] Virus In reply to
Probably the most effective subject/body I have seen in a virus was back about a year ago. The subject was something like "party photos" and the body said something like "Here are the photos from my party last weekend." Since it was an email virus, it came from someone I knew, but the sentence was gramatically challenged and that person wouldn't be sending me party pictures.

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Re: [BeaverheadRiver] Virus In reply to
The best one I have seen so far is:

"Virus was detected on your PC"

It came with an attachment - and a message to run the program to remove the virus Unsure



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Re: [klauslovgreen] Virus In reply to
THat's almost as bad as the popup I got the other day asking if I wanted to protect my browser against popups Wink
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Re: [Paul] Virus In reply to
hm... I had a fake command prompt popup yesterday. If it weren't for the submit buttom in the middle of the ad I bet it would have fooled someone.

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