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Unintentionally entertaining

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Unintentionally entertaining
They're watching you. And some of you deserved to be watched.

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Re: [ArmyAirForces] Unintentionally entertaining In reply to
Did you notice the AAA simple on the white van in one of the videos? I reckon the driver lost his job for that one...

Limecat is not pleased.
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Re: [fuzzy logic] Unintentionally entertaining In reply to
There's a video running around the net from this same company showing a guy falling asleep at the wheel--while not wearing a seatbelt--and the car rolls over.

Don't know if he survived or not, hopefully he did.

Search for "noseatbelt.avi" and you'll find various copies of it.

Ah, here's a link: http://www.eternallylost.com/simmo/noseatbelt.avi


But the funniest video is the bus with the failed steering wheel...the driver cursing and then the passenger asking to be let off after it's over Cool Plus being able to switch from front to rear view is pretty cool.

Real nice video & sound quality. Makes me wonder how much storage the things have.

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ArmyAirForces: Feb 18, 2004, 9:17 AM