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Site Rating System

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Site Rating System
Obviously there has been attempts to make rating systems for sites in the past. Almost all have had dismal at best results.

What or how would you rate sites?

My idea is to rate sites on 3 levels:

Content: Adult - General - Children

Traffic/Use: High - Average - Low

Ad Friendly: Takes over your computer - Banners and Buttons - Ad Free

So a site with a AHT rating is adult content with high traffic that takes over your computer with all the ads and misdirects. A GAB is what would be considered a normal everyday general content website and a CLA is a low traffic, child safe and ad free site.Cool
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Re: [Teambldr] Site Rating System In reply to
"Family" seems to be a commonly used word these days. What about Adult, Family, Kids Only


Takes over your computer
Sounds like Codepoets wouuld fit nicely into this one.

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