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Serious MAC version QB 5 problem

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Serious MAC version QB 5 problem
I have serious QB Pro 5.0, MAC version issues! I left my computer for about 2 hours today. QB was closed, and is PW-protected. When I came back, my QB Company and all info. was gone! When I clicked on the icon, I got a message telling me no company was set up! I got it back once by going through the hard drive, but then POOF!!! it disappeared. Now, I do regular saves on a zip disc. However, when I tried to restore from the zip disc, I got a message telling me something about only QB data files can be restored. But QB is the only program that has ever been saved on this particular zip disc. I spoke to the former office manager, and she said that this happened to her once last summer when she was installing an update to the payroll program, and she did an exhaustive search for the file. I mean, the computer didn't crash, so my QB stuff should be on the HD somewhere, right? Problem is, she doesn't remember how she finally found it, and I don't know where to start. I've already done everything I know to do...but I don't know MACS at all! Has this happened to anyone else?

Please help! I've lost years worth of data, it appears.

Thanks in advance. Diane
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Gossamer Threads, Inc. has nothing to do with QuickBooks. The user-base here are primarily Gossamer Threads clients and/or programmers specializing in installing & modifying their products.

Please use the forums on Intuit's web site for questions regarding QuickBooks.


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