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Seeking Scheduling Program or Script

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Seeking Scheduling Program or Script
Hi All

What I'm trying to find is a script or prog that will generate a schedue of classes for teachers.

The script should be able to weight the outcomes by :

1. Teacher preferences for both courses and class periods ("I prefer to teach X, Y, and Z, AND I prefer having 8th period as my prep)

2. Previous courses taught (could be either weighted good if consistency is preferred or bad if diversity is preferred) What I mean is that it might be good to have the same teachers teaching the same courses year after year, or it might be preferred to have teachers NOT teach the same things year after year.

3. Blackout courses - teacher X cannot teach Acct 101

4. Blackout times - teacher X cannot teach 1st period

5. Homeroom or no homeroom

6. Teacher veteran status - veteran teachers get preference over new teachers, except where certain expertise might come into play. "Teacher A is a vet and gets preference over newer teachers, except that New teacher X gets preference for teaching Chem 401 because he/she is most qualified..."

7. Other stuff I'm not thinking of right now...

It would also be nice if the script could generate a schedule of hours for employees, too, as well as classes for teachers - "Okay, gang, we have 100 employees, and, given all sorts of factors, here is your work schedule for the next 2 weeks" or whatever.

I figure that there might be such a script or program since many banner advertising scripts already allow weighting in displaying ads.

Would anyone know of any such system?

Thanks very much.

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Re: [DogTags] Seeking Scheduling Program or Script In reply to
holy sh_t!

There's a script that will do this?

I heard that it would be a lot of mony to program and literally a programming feat within itself to make a program like this. Hmmm, well, it was a Japanese programmer referring to Japanese school.

I watch 4-5 teachers every year curl up in a room with cigarrettes, drinks (non-alcohol), and vitamin drinks. Then come out in about 3 days looking like they've just finished a war.

Please, if there is such a program I would like to save these poor souls.

openoffice + gimp + sketch ... Smile
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Re: [QooQ] Seeking Scheduling Program or Script In reply to
I haven't found one, yet, but the hunt is on. I have a number of applications for this.

I can come up with the logic for it if someone can program it.

Wouldn't this be so useful for tons of folks??? :-))

BTW, there could be even more factors like:

- This group of teachers, A/B/C, must teach courses 1/2/3/4/5

- If Fred teaches X, then Ethel must teach Y

- teacher X can teach only 3 classes

- other conditionals

Then, after the first sorting, if teachers weren't happy with their rosters, you could enter other conditionals (or adjust existing ones), and do a second sorting, or a third, etc....

I happen to teach the Graduate Record Exam (GRE), which utilizes lots of "arrangement" types of problems (as does the Law School Admissions Test). This is similar to those arrangement (logical) problems - Facts and Conditions weighed against a question.

So, I'll keep looking around. I've been checking some script sites, but I still have to look at some Win program sites (like WebAttack).

Cheers! Smile


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Re: [DogTags] Seeking Scheduling Program or Script In reply to
Got It !!


It ain't cheap, though, but it might be worth it for a big school.

Has an option called StaffCover to see which teachers are available to cover for others.

Looks interesting!

Another is Class Scheduler, but Cyber-Matrix:


Just $50.00...not sure how sophisticated it is, though, but also looks interesting.

There are also other listed on the Google results below:


Other key terms to search on are:

timetabling free windows

The hunt is still on to find a nice web-based script.

Smile Smile


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